About Us

Why do people love to eat at Rafi's so much?

When we opened Rafi’s Place, we thought about you – someone who really wants to eat tasty food!

We dreamt about people coming to our restaurant, sitting back and enjoying.

The first thing that hits you when arriving at the Gush Etzion commercial area is the smell!

The Shawarma smell, combined with the skewers smoke being grilled, all mixed up with the scent coming from the pita oven.

Knowing that soon we will prepare your pitta, baguette or laffa sandwich will definitely make you hungry and impatient.

And then, the dish comes...

Hot, fresh and full of meat or falafel sided with fresh cut salads and the Rafi’s special hummus.

Our secret is to use the  the highest quality products, the freshenss we offer, the love and the investment in each dish.

When we close our eyes, we imagine you exactly like that, with a smile on your face, happy with your choice and already looking forward to your next visit at Rafi’s place!